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How Campus. Works


A tailored exprience for your university.
If you’re not a student, you can still use
Campus., but we recommend the LIVE.
for you.

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Getting here is hard work, you
deserve something back. Just for
being a student, we give you new
financial tools to kickstart your life!

Fintech stuff, SPN card

Unique offers & special discounts
are only available to you, at shops
& restaurants near your university.

example coupons & products, big brands

Your school ID card is intelligent: it
works like other Wonderpass wearables,
and you always have a digital copy in
your app.

ID card

Manage multiple users & wearables
through one single account, perfect for
sharing your discounts & deals with
family & friends!

ID StudentCard


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Are you a University?
Join Campus. by Wonderpass

Universities are our primary partners in Campus. We designed this program so that everybody wins. As a university, there are immediate benefits:

  • Reduced costs
  • Unique incentives
  • Data & reporting
  • Increased exposure & school pride

Do you own a business?
Join Campus. by Wonderpass

Your business can attract thousands of students!

  • Immediate increase in traffic volume
  • Recurrent customers
  • Increased sales overall
  • IData & reporting
  • Increased brand exposure